Friday, July 18, 2014

Firefighter Diligence Saves Residence From Total Destruction

San Bernardino City Fire Department
Press Release

Contact: Engineer Mike Arvizo, PIO Assigned - Contact # 909-289-6679
Incident Commander: Battalion Chief Alan Duggan - 909-384-5279
Incident Date: 07/17/14
Location:  3271 N. Wall
Time of the call: 10.08 PM
Number of Units: 5 Engines, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Battalion Chief
Number of Firefighters:  18 Firefighters and 1 Chief Officer
Fatalities/Injuries: None
Property Damage: $75,000 structural and finishing
Personal Items: Unknown loss
Property Saved: $250,000

Additional Information:
•         Fire Crews were dispatched to a report of ‘the smell of smoke’ in the area of 3271 Leroy.  
•         Arriving Firefighters diligently scoured the neighborhood until light smoke was seen coming from attic ‘whirlybirds’ at 3271 N. Wall
•         Firefighters forced entry into the structure and found the kitchen area fully involved in fire.
•         The residence was currently being vacated and cleaned out by family members of the homeowner who was recently placed in a retirement living facility.
•         The fire was brought under control within 15 minutes. Mop up continued for another hour.
•         The cause of the fire was attributed to an unattended oven cleaning procedure.


Please do not leave ovens unattended while in operation

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Structure Fire Nearly Traps Occupant

San Bernardino City Fire Department
Press Release

PIO Assigned: Fire Engineer Marco Tello (909)384-5402                                                                              

Date: 07/9/14                                                                   

Location: 1644 West 23rd            

Time of the call: 1652 hours                       

First Unit on the scene: Medic Engine 223          

Number of Units: 6 Paramedic Engines, 1 Truck Company, and 2 Chief Officers                 

Number of Firefighters: 21         

Injuries: 1 occupant                                       

Fatalities: None                                              

Property Loss/Damage: $200,000             

Contents Loss: $50,000                 

Property/Contents Saved: $20,000                     

Additional information:   
·         San Bernardino City Firefighters responded to reports of a structure fire in an occupied dwelling. Upon arrival firefighters found heavy smoke and fire with residents outside.
·         First on scene firefighters began a defensive attack while waiting for additional responding units.
·         Upon arrival of the next engine and truck company a coordinated offensive attack was employed with vertical ventilation to quickly extinguish the fire.
·         One occupant was treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation after escaping from the burning home.
·         San Bernardino firefighters remained on scene assisting residents to recover documents and valuables. The red cross was called to assist the family with temporary housing.
·         The San Bernardino Arson Unit is conducting an investigation. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.
The SBFD would like to remind all local residents to check the batteries in your smoke detectors twice annually. In the event of a fire call 9-1-1.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Early Morning Fire Displaces Four San Bernardino Families

Contact: Battalion Chief Nathan Cooke 909-260-1257

 Incident Date: 07/08/14
Location: 700 Block of West 9th Street (view map)

Time of the call: 5:33 AM

 Number of Units: 8 Engines, 2 Ladder Trucks, 2 Battalion Chiefs

Number of Firefighters: 30 Firefighters and 2 Chief Officers

 Fatalities/Injuries: None

Property Damage: $50,000 structural and finishing

Property Saved: $225,000

 Additional Information:

  • Fire Crews dispatched to reports of a residential structure fire.
  • Arriving Firefighters discovered a two-story converted multi-family home with fire on the 1st floor, spreading rapidly to the 2nd floor.
  • Frantic residents rushed arriving firefighters claiming a family member was unaccounted for and thought to trapped in the structure.
  • Firefighters rushed into the burning building and commenced an aggressive interior search for fire victims.
  • Firefighters determined all occupants had safely evacuated the structure.
  • This home had been previously converted into a multi-unit dwelling now housing four different families.
  • Red Cross was summoned to assist with ten adults and ten children that were displaced by the fire.
  • No working smoke detectors were found in the building.
  • SBFD Arson investigators remain on scene investigating and interviewing potential witnesses.


 San Bernardino City Firefighters strong urge all citizens to install functioning smoke detectors and replace these units every 10 years.



Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fatality Traffic Collision

Contact: Captain Jason Buchanan, PIO Assigned - Contact # 909-384-5207
Incident Commander: Battalion Chief Alan Duggan - 909-384-5401

Incident Date: 05/30/14

Location: Highway 18 Lower Waterman Canyon
Time of the call: 1547

Number of Units: 2 Engines, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Heavy Rescue, 1 Battalion Chief
Number of Firefighters: 27 Firefighters and 1 Chief Officer1

Fatalities/Injuries: 1 Fatality / 1 Injury
Property Damage: None
Property Saved: None

Additional Information:
•             Fire crews were dispatched to a traffic collision on Highway 18 with possible trapped victims.
•             Arriving Fire fighters discovered a head on traffic collision with both drivers trapped due to the severity of the collision.
•             Fire Fighters used the Jaws of Life to extricate one of the patients. That patient was then taken to a local trauma center for evaluation with      moderate injuries.
•             Fire Fighter / Paramedics pronounced one patient dead at the scene.
•             The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

San Bernardino City Firefighters urge all citizens to drive safely on mountain roads. Maintain speed limits and always wear your safety belt. Seatbelts save lives.

4 Year Old Boy Drowns in Home Jacuzzi

Contact: Captain Jason Buchanan, PIO Assigned - 909-384-5207
Incident Commander: Battalion Chief Michael Bilheimer - 909-384-5279

Incident Date: 05/31/14

Location: 2600 Block of N. Mercedes Ave, San Bernardino CA.
Time of the call: 11:46 am

Number of Units: 2 Engines, 1 Battalion Chief
Number of Firefighters: 6 Firefighters and 1 Chief Officer

Fatalities/Injuries: One
Property Damage: None
Property Saved: None

Additional Information:
•             Fire Crews were dispatched to a residence for a 4 year old possible drowning.
•             During the response fire crews were advised pt.’s arm was stuck in a drain in the jacuzzi and he was submerged under water.
•             Firefighters arrived on scene and found the child in the Jacuzzi with his arm stuck in the bottom suction port.
•             Firefighters were able to successfully pull the boy from the drain. The child was unconscious and unresponsive.
•             Firefighters immediately started CPR and the boy was transported to the closest Emergency Room.
•             The boy was later pronounced dead by hospital Dr.’s due to his injuries.

San Bernardino City Firefighters urge all parents and guardians to always stay in contact with children while playing in pools. Always check pool equipment to ensure it is safe and in working order.  


Underground Parking Garage Fire

Underground Parking Garage Fire

PIO Assigned:                                    Fire Captain Jason Buchanan 909-384-5207
Contact Chief:                                   B/C Alan Duggan 909-384-5279

Date:                                                     05/21/14
Location:                                              880 N E St.

Time of the call:                                12:51 pm
First Unit on the scene:                  BC 607

Number of Units:                             2 Chief Officers, 5 Medic Engines, 2 Trucks, 1 Heavy Rescue                        
Number of Firefighters:                26 Firefighters

Injuries:                                               None
Fatalities:                                             None

Property Loss/Damage:                $0.00
Property Saved                                 $200,000.00       
•             First unit on scene reported heavy smoke coming from an underground parking area.
•             The underground parking garage and was sealed with concrete and plywood. The parking garage has been non-operable for many years.
•             Firefighters were able to force entry into the structure by removing steel access plates from above and plywood from the rear of the structure.
•             Firefighters located and extinguished the fire, saving an attached commercial building.
•             Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire within 25 minutes. 
•             The fire was contained to the underground parking area only
•             The parking garage was inhabited by transients, using a hole in the cement to gain access.
•             The cause of the fire was contributed to reckless transient activity.

***Safety Message***
The San Bernardino City Fire Department urges all citizens to call law enforcement immediately upon recognition of any transient activity